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For the last several years my sculptural work has become largely kinetic and interactive. It is often witty, profound and provocative. Much of it seems to exist in the realm of the unlikely. These days, my mind is in a whirl, trying to understand how to make very complicated things appear to be smooth, slow and coordinated.

Monday, March 14, 2016

PROGRESS REPORT: March 14, 2016

Things are starting to come together in earnest for "Journey . . ." The electronics are almost complete, the wings are aligned and the three projectors are focused and operating properly. This project has been a true collaboration involving the creative skills of Greg Paul who has wrestled with the very complicated behind the scenes electronics, my brother, Bob who has come up from Nantucket many times to guide me through numerous machining and design challenges. Felicia Nickola has been nothing short of spectacular with the technological end of the equation. She has created a wonderful 40 minute video that will be projected onto the lower surface of the wings as well as a haunting and elegant sound track. She is beginning work on a documentary of the almost year-long construction of the piece. Last week she produced a very endearing video trailer of 9 year old grandchildren Paul and Amelia discussing the work from a philosophical point of view. Felicia is just starting to organize the material for the book that will accompany the exhibition. She is an absolute joy to work with . . . and deserves enormous credit for keeping me on track . . .

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